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Discovering your Business needs

We carefully listen, conduct data analysis, and collaborate with you to establish precise objectives. We take pride in comprehending how we can be of assistance.


Creating Optimized Systems

We provide customized solutions that perfectly align with your objectives and principles. Utilizing cutting-edge technology to enhance the well-being of your workforce and customers is our expertise.


Implementing Sustainable Solutions

Our applications and platforms undergo rigorous testing and are maintained at a low cost. We continually iterate to enhance the value of the experience for our clients.

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We develop unique and innovative solutions tailored for every client

OpenMind provides clients with web and mobile platforms that achieve KPI’s, code that scales and professional service devoted to achieving goals.

Why Us?


Encouraging and Enabling real world actions requires a special kind of software. User-centered UX that brings people together, connecting over shared goals. We believe in experiences that leverage the power of play to achieve outcomes.  

10 Years of

Our team came together in 2014 to build ‘Moi’. A multi-platform experience that was created to help Latin American children learn and read, regardless of their socioeconomic status. The team earned awards and support from organizations like StartUp Chile, Seedstars, and Serious Play Conference, as well as in Ecuador.


Dedicated, reliable and efficient tech consulting services for small and medium sized businesses. We identify problems and provide solutions in record time, all while keeping costs low. You can trust us to help take your business to the next level.


We are experts at extracting meaning from the multitude of data points generated by modern analytics platforms. We improve results in individual metrics and performance as a whole. 

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